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Canimals (Pokemon style) cast by Priveto4ka
Canimals (Pokemon style) cast
Here is the Poster to my Pokemon Version of my favorite show Canimals (…)


Rockruff as Ato
Sylveon as Mimi
Snubbull as Uly
Litten as Oz
Meowth as Fizzy
Skitty as Nia
Bunnelby as Toki
Kecleon as Leon
Noctowl as Pow

Not in the picture:

Growlithe as Wooang
Stunky as Olive
Espurr as Pip/Mini Pip
Pyroar (male) as Capri
Ursaring as Bobby
Watchog as Boco
several Patrats as Cocobos
Slaking as Wooga
Squirtle as Koby
two Piplups as Peng and Gwin

Pokemon belong to Nintendo and GameFreak

Canimals belong to Voozclub, BRB International and Aardman Studios
14 deviations

Bobby, gun in hand sneaking through the woods.

Scene zooms in on Bobby, still sneaking.

Bobby, facing audience: Shh, be very, very quiet, I’m hunting beagles. Hahaha. (he resumes his sneaking)


Two beagle feet, also sneaking along.


Back to Bobby sneaking along.

Bobby, upon finding some beagle tracks: Oh boy! Beagle tracks!

Bobby follows the tracks


The beagle feet, still leaving tracks.

The camera moves up, and we see it is Olive wearing beagle feet.

She walks up to Ato’s Rabbit Hole, then looks around, takes off the beagle feet and calls down the hole.

Olive, leaning down the rabbit hole: Oh Ato, Ato pal, there’s a friend here to see ya!

Olive jumps up and sneaks away from the hole

Olive: Survival of the fittest, and besides, it’s fun! Hehehe! (Olive sneaks behind a large boulder, then peaks out)

Back at Ato’s Hole.

Ato, peering out of his hole: Did someone knock? (we hear a gun shot, and a bullet streaks past, just frying the edges of Ato’s head, he turns and faces where the bullet came from) Ehh, what’s up, bear?

Bobby, streaking up to Ato, and shoving his gun into Ato’s mouth: Now I got’cha you – you, Beagle! Hahahah.

Ato, lifting his hand to remove the gun from his mouth, sitting up and starting to eat a cookie while leaning on the gun: Say, bear (chew, chew) Are you tryin’ to get yourself in trouble with the law? This aint beagle hunting season!

Bobby, looking confused: It’s not?!

Ato, pointing at Bobby: No, it’s skunk hunting season.

Olive Storming towards Ato and Bobby, finger pointing at them.

Olive: That sir is an in-mitigated fabrication! (she arrives and puts her fists on her hips) It’s beagle season.

Ato: Skunk season.

Olive: Beagle Season!

Ato: Skunk Season.

Olive: Beagle Season!!

Ato: Skunk Season.

Olive: Beagle Season!!

Ato: Beagle Season.

Olive: Skunk Season!!!

Ato: Beagle Season.

Olive: I say it’s skunk season, and I say; ‘Fire! (she crosses her arms)

Bobby aims his gun at Olive and shoots. Olive’s head spins round and round.

Olive: Hmm. (she zooms up to Ato, and starts poking his chest) Let’s try that again.

Ato: Okay.

Olive, now tapping her own chest: I’ll start it this time.

Ato: Right.

Olive, pushing the gun towards Ato: Beagle Season.

Ato, pushing the gun back to Olive: Skunk Season.

Olive, pushing the gun back to Ato: Beagle Season.

Ato, pushing the gun back to Olive, then to himself: Beagle Season.

Olive, pushing the gun to her own body: Skunk Season, fire! (the gun fires at Olive’s head and the smokes clears, showing us Olive’s head is facing back, which she twists around. Olive starts poking Ato again) Okay, this time you start it.

Ato: What ever you say (he pulls the gun towards himself) Beagle.

Olive, grabbing the gun and pulling it towards herself: Skunk, Fire! (The gun shoots, and when the smoke clears we see Olive with her head on upside down) What’s the matter? Everything’s upside down!

Olive walks away with her head still on upside down.

Olive: strange, can’t make heads or tails of things.

Bobby: Hey, you! Come back here! (Bobby primes gun, but nothing happens, he stops and looks down at his gun) Well, whaddya know, no more bullets.

Ato, who has been looking on with interest, and now feigns surprise: No more bullets? (Calls out to Olive) Hey, laughing skunk, no more bullets.

Olive returns, rubbing her hands.

Olive: No more bullets?

Olive, snatching the gun from Bobby’s hands: Here, lemme see this thing. (she raises the gun to her eyes) Hmm

The gun fires in Olive’s face.

Shot of Bobby, looking surprised and happy to see his gun working.

Bobby: Well, whaddya know, one bullet left.

Ato: One bullet left?! Hey, laughing skunk, there was –

Olive, a bullet still in her scalp, very grumpy. The bullet has taken her scalp off and left pink skin.

Olive: I know, I know!

Back in the woods, Ato nails a sign to a tree that says ‘Skunk Season Open’, then he sneaks away.

Olive enters, and reads at the sign.

Olive: Hmmm, devilishly clever. (she looks around) Uh-oh. (she sneaks off in the direction she came)


Bobby tracks through the wood

Olive, disguised as a beagle, leaning on a tree, eating a cookie: Eh, what’s up, bear? Having any luck with those skunks? It’s skunk season you know.

Ato, walking in disguised as a skunk: Just a darn minute, where do ya get the skunk season stuff?

Olive, pointing to the hidden sign: Says so right over there on that sign! Your so smart. (Bobby and Ato look at the sign, while Olive crosses her arms and looks the other way)

Cut to a sign saying ‘Beagle Season Open’.

Olive: You know what to do with the gun bear. (Bobby shoots Olive, and when the smoke clears, we see her disguise has been blown off. Olive uncrosses her arms, and pushes the gun down, then walks over to Ato) Your despicable.

Ato and Olive walking along together.

Olive: Yes, you’re despicable and – and – and picable, and you – you’re very- (Ato starts taking off his disguise) definitely despicable. How a person could get tho- (by this time they have reached Ato’s home) so despicable in one lifetime is beyond me! (Ato has nearly finished taking off his disguise, and Olive has started) It isn’t as though I haven’t met a lot of people, goodness knows, it isn’t that! It isn’t tha- that! (Ato has pulled out a book titled ‘1000 was to cook a skunk’) Goodness knows-! (Olive has reads the title of the book Ato is reading. ) Des-despicable.

Ato, looking up from his book: The filet of skunk bordelais avec butter. Yum yum.

Bobby enters

Ato, still reading from his book: Skunk bolognese, under glass mm, mm.

Olive starts digging in Ato’s hole, then pulls out a book titled ‘1000 ways to cook a beagle’

Olive, reading from her cookbook: Beagle au gratin de gelatin under tooled leather… (she licks her mouth) darool darool.

Ato: BBQ’d skunk meat with broiled skunk fur milanese. Yummy, yum.

Olive: Chicken fried beagle with beagle tail sauce, braized in carrots. Mmm-mm.

Bobby: I’m sorry fellas, but I’m a vegetarian, I just hunt for the sport of it. Hahaha.

Ato, running up to Bobby, very cross now: Well yeah?! Well there’s other sport besides huntin’, ya know.

Olive, runs over dressed in tennis whites, holding a tennis racket.

Olive: Anyone for tennis?

Ato and Bobby se Olive, and Bobby shoots Olive.

Cut to Olive – the tennis racket is broken, and Olive is frazzled.

Olive: Nice game. . .

Bobby points his gun at Ato.

Bobby: Now you screwy beagle, you’re next.

Bobby shoots his gun, and Ato jumps up and runs off the screen

Olive and Ato run off scene while bullets fly past them.

Bobby runs and shoots wildly.

Ato and Olive dive into Ato’s hole,

Bobby runs up and sticks his gun in the hole.

Bobby: Alright, come out or I’ll blast ya out!

Ato, sticking his finger in the gun and coming out of his hole: For shame, bear. Hunting beagles with a gorilla gun.

Bobby, looking at his gun in confusion: Gorilla gun?

Ato: That’s right bear, so why don’t you go shoot yourself a gorilla? (he goes back down his hole)

Wooga, hands on his hips, facing Bobby: You do and I’ll give ya such a pinch! (he places his hand on Bobby’s head and pounds him into the ground, then storms off)

Bobby storms in with a different gun.

Bobby: Oooh, just wait ’till I get that screwy beagle and that screwball skunk.

Olive, pretending to be a dog, sniffs Bobby’s foot prints:

Olive: Rourourourourou!

Olive sniffs the trail some more and moves futher down, and reaches Bobby

Olive: Rourourourou!

A gun fires and a bullet blows off Bobby’s hat

Bobby: Hey. what’s the big idea? Why don’t you look where you- huh?!

Ato, dressed up as a female bear hunter (female voice): Oh! How simply dreadful! (walking towards Bobby) You poor little man. Did I hurt you with my naughty gun?

Bobby: Aaw, shucks. Aaw, I-uh, hahahaha. (Ato gives Bobby a kiss on the cheek, then Olive bites Bobby’s leg) YeeeeOOOw!!

Ato, still pretending to be a girl: Gypsey, you naughty bow-wow (his tail has slipped out of his skirt) Stop that. (Bobby turns around angrily, and sees the tail)
Bobby, snatching the gun: Okay beagle I see through that disguise. Say your prayers.

Olive starts to sneak off, and Bobby puts his gun in Olive’s back.

Bobby: You too skunk.

Olive zooms off, and ends up next to a sign

Olive, pointing at the sign: Beagle Season.

Ato, tearing off the sign, to reveal the sign underneath: Skunk season.

Olive, tearing off that sign: Beagle season!

Ato, tearing off that sign: Skunk season!

Olive, tearing that sign off: Beagle Season!

Ato, tearing off that sign: Skunk Season!

The poster now shows Bobby and says ‘Bobby Season’, they both turn to look at the sign, then they both grin evilly at Bobby

Bobby, still de-hatted, grins sheepishly.

Bobby, backing away: Uh-oh

Bullets fire at him, and he turns and runs


Ato and Olive, dressed up as bear hunters with guns, hunting Bobby.

Ato facing us: Shhh, be very quiet, we’re hunting Bobbies.

Olive, also facing us: Hahahaha. (they both turn and continue hunting Bobby)


Beagle Fire (Rabbit Fire parody)
If PenelopeHamuChan did this with Jewelpet (…), I decided to do this with Canimals (…)

(Fun fact: I originally wanted to use Toki the rabbit as Daffy Duck, and then I changed my mind)

Canimals belong to Voozclub, BRB International and Aardman Studios

Looney Tunes belong to Warner Bros.
You know, I was inspired by Alvin and the Chipmunks for this idea. So basicly, The Canimals Movie is what came to mind. It is based on Canimals tv series ( It is going to be a musical movie. Unlike the original series, the Canimals can speak here. It also will introduce a new character, a teenage human girl named Clarissa, who is the first human to know about Canimals.

Voice cast:

Coming soon


1. Bad Romance (by Lady Gaga) - sung by Ato, Toki, Mimi and Oz
2. Stayin' Alive (by Bee Gees) - sung by Toki, Ato and Fizzy
3. Pina Colada Boy (by Baby Alice) - sung by Mimi and Nia
4. FunkyTown (by Lipps Inc.) - sung by Toki, Fizzy, Ato and Uly
5. I'm Blue (by Eiffel 65) - sung by Leon, Toki and Fizzy
6. Radioactive (by Imagine Dragons) - sung by Pow, Leon, Fizzy and Uly
7. Bamboleo (by Gipsy Kings) - sung by all Canimals
8. Hot and Cold (by Katy Perry) - sung by Mimi, Oz and Nia
9. Firework (by Katy Perry) - sung by all Canimals

More songs coming soon

What do you think of this idea?


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Maria Timoshenkova
Artist | Student | Varied
I sometimes draw animals, pokemon, dalmatians and other stuff (I can't draw humans)

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